weekly goal

last week my goal was to get all my picture files and cds organized. that didn't happen and i have a good reason. my mouse broke and I HATE using the little mouse pad on my laptop. microsoft is awesome and is sending me a new one for free.
so that's my excuse. i stole toms when i could, but i never had it long enough to really get anything done.
so i will continue to work on that. 

my goals this week are:
to lose 1 lb and cut out sugar

i know it might seem kind of silly. just one pound, you say? (oh my gosh, the "y" on my keyboard is sticking and its driving me NUTS!) 
but i just want to do it. that's my story and i'm stickin to it!
this also goes in hand with #5 of my 29 before 29 goals

i need your guys' cheerleading skills. i have a serious sugar addiction and it's not going to be easy. but after reading what sugar does to our bodies, its just not worth it. 
did you know:
When we consume too much sugar, its converted into fat, and our blood actually turns into a "pink cream", which can barely get through our veins, and then is deposited in our abdominal fat cells.

sick dude.


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