In my belly

About a month ago I bought a Juiceman, and it is one of the best investments I've ever made, and a small one at that. I bought it for about $80 at Target. What I really REALLY want is a Vitamix! All in good time.

So I've been juicing about everyday. It's messy and  time consuming, but totally and completely worth it. I feel amazing and there is just something about the process of washing, chopping, and preparing REAL food that you know is going to do your body and mind a whole lot of good.

*the kids love to help me juice!*

I think these days everything is so rushed, so instantaneous. We have a real problem with slowing down and really getting involved in the process of things. It's all about instant gratification, and I definitely don't think there is anything wrong with that (HELLO, have you heard about what I do for a living? Talk about instant gratification!) But I think it is vital to our souls to LIVE IN THE MOMENT. This is something I am really trying to do, especially since it seems that a month is over in 11 seconds and my kids are growing like weeds.

Wow, you think, she's really getting deep about slicing carrots. Well, yes, I am. Because just that process has made me realize how rushed I am all of the time and that I just need to slow the heck down.

It's also been satisfying only filling my grocery cart up with fruits and veggies. Of course I have other things on hand at home, but mostly, it's fruits and veggies. I like that my kids are learning to eat real food and not just stuff that is in boxes and bags.

So getting back to the basics of eating real food has been...life changing.

So in the morning, every morning I have:

-Green drink with one scoop of Greens. Greens is a drink mix made of 8 servings of organic veggies and fruits and 38 super herbs. It's amazing. My kids drink it everyday. You can get it on my website.
-8 oz of water with 2 tbsp of natural Apple Cider Vinegar. Nasty, but so good for you!
* me n my greens*

-Water with herbal drops prescribed by my reflexologist.  (Chickweed, Gotu Kala, and Ginseng). If you live in Arizona or Utah, go see Harriet Hamilton. She is my reflexologist and works miracles. www.harriethamilton.com.

Ya, it really doesn't look appetizing, does it? .....ha ha! But it does a body good!

-Later in the day I have some kind of fruit juice. This is my favorite concoction! For snacks I usually have raw nuts, seeds, veggies, pb on toast, or a ProFit shake. (Also available here). My son loves them. He would literally only drink ProFit shakes if I let him. He finds the bag in the pantry and brings it to me and signs "more".

-I drink tons of water and coconut water throughout the day.

*i love coconut ANYTHING*

And then I just kind of throw together meals with whatever I have. I try to be creative.

Oh. Read this:

*"Live Raw" by Mimi Kirk*

Well, that's about it for the day! I have to go now, BYYYYEEEE!!!!!

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