29 before 29

 today i am 28
ten years ago i graduated high school
ten years ago i broke up with my first serious boyfriend
ten years ago i moved 5 hours away from home to go to college at Dixie
ten years ago....well, was a long time ago
and it seems like it was only yesterday

seriously. does time really have to fly so fast? and i've heard it only goes faster. sigh

so. i want to accomplish 29 things before i turn 29.

1. start school again
2. get all of my scrapbooks caught up
3. grow my hair out
4. teach mae to recognize the letters and sounds of the alphabet
5. conquer my sugar addiction (i may or may not be eating chocolate as i type this)
6. get pregnant
7. run 10 miles
8. enter my art into an exhibit/contest/art festival type thing
9. simplify my household and organize
10. learn to play the ukelele
11. send a demo cd to disney
12. better manners (burp)
13. do something educational once a month. aka museum, zoo, etc.
14. write a budget and stick to it
15. illustrate/write a book
16. take a gymnastics/tumbling class
17. get out of credit card debt
18. knit a hat
19. watch "gone with the wind" with tom
20. learn the rules of football
21. make a dvd of mae's first year videos
22. paint a picture of the temple we were married in
23. send my grandma a card every month
24. incorporate yoga into my life
25. finish reading D&C along with study guide
26. go camping
27. get our family pictures taken
28. learn to play "memory" on the piano
29. teach mae how to swim

these may or may not change. but i think its a pretty good list, don't you?
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