Last week my goal was to sing. do my vocal exercises. record a song.

last week was so busy! it was insane, so i didn't do my exercises everyday, but i DID do them. i DID record a song. two songs, actually. i forgot to save them, which is fine because i didn't think they turned out amazing. i'm sure my neighbor downstairs was like,"SHADDUP!"

but singing and listening to yourself is good. we sound different in our own heads then we do to other people, so recording and studying your voice can help you realize what your weaknesses and strengths are. i pronounce words funny sometimes when i'm singing.

anyways, this week i plan on doing my exercises everyday while i'm doing my make up. and i'm going to pick one song and work on it until i really have it down, record it and then put it on here. i'm thinking of doing "gee baby, ain't i good to you"
oh my.
but that is a long term goal, and not my goal for this week.

my goal for this week is:
i will gather all my cds and files off of mozy.com with pictures/documents/art/photography and get them organized. this goes along with my goal to get my scrapbooks updated this year. 
(more on that tomorrow.)
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