today tom had a meeting after church, so mae and i decided to have some adventures in the parking lot while we were waiting.

my dad used to zip us around in his mercedes, all of our upper halfs hanging out of the sun roof, screaming and just having a hoot.

so i asked mae if she wanted to, and of COURSE she did. so around the parking lot we went with her little head popping out of the top, a big smile on her face and squeals erupting from her as the wind swept through her hair.

we were passing friends coming out and getting in their cars, who excitedly waved at Mae. We drove past our friend Wells, and as he waved at Mae i said to her,"Mae! Wave at Wells!"she looked around confused and said,"what? i don't see any whales!"

i about died laughing and she kept asking,"why are you laughing so hard? whats so funny?!"

it was too cute.
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