Well guys, thanks for all of your comments! I love getting new readers and love checking out your blogs. Can I hear a "Hip Horray" for new cyber pals?

yesterday i totally ate an entire bag of cadburry minis. But here is the really REALLY horrible part. I bought them saturday night for the movie theater. (I just can't pay $6 for a box of M&M's so I smuggle my own treats in)
i got home after the movies ("Remember Me". didn't like it)  and i was like,"alright! i've had enough of this melissa! you are throwing away the rest of these cadburry mini's!" so i tossed them in the trash and boy was i proud of my will power!

well, yesterday i was craving them so badly. i looked out of the side of my eye at the garbage.
"no! that's disgusting! they are in the trash!"i thought.
"but they aren't TOUCHING anything. they're still in the bag and they are on the top of everything!" whispered the devil.

i slyly opened the trash, my eyes darting nervously about in fear of being caught. there they were. still safely in the bag, uncontaminated. delicious, chocolatey goodness just waiting for me.
"eat us! eat us!" they called out to me.

so i snatched up the bag. and i ate them. and then i got a stomachache. and then i heard the devil laughing at me.

so today is day one of no sugar. today was also my second week of monday yoga class. i did a headstand and my teacher was pretty impressed. yay! that's #24 on my list, but i wonder when i can officially cross it off?

i made a really easy, delicious dinner that took 10 minutes. i got the recipe from a friend at the gym:

Tortilla Soup

2 cans chicken broth
2 cans corn
2 cans black beans
2 cans chicken (i like the kirkland brand)
1 packet taco seasoning

combine ingredients in pot and heat through on the stove. use some onion powder and salt to taste.
sprinkle cheese on each serving and add a side of tortilla chips and salsa.

(sorry there is no picture. i don't really like posting without SOME kind of eye candy, but i was too busy devouring my soup to care.)
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