Moab and Colorado Trip

A couple weekends ago, we went to Moab/Colorado with my in-laws. It was really fun. I did my first ever mountain biking trip, and I was TERRIFIED at first, but after awhile I got the hang of it. Some of the hills...I'm sorry, CLIFFS were so big I had to walk my bike down quite a few. We biked Slick Rock. It was insane. Then we hiked up to Delicate Arches later that day. The next day, we went to Mesa Verde in Colorado. I was sooo amazed by these communities that were built in cliffs. I'm planning on getting some books from the library to read more about it. Seriously, thats something everyone needs to see before they die. 

My man hot tubbin

Slick Rock

Mesa Verde 

I luff my new swimmin trunks
The whole fam damly at Delicate Arch
Another awesome piece of scenery. TOM

Mountain biking!

One of the many cliff dwelling "towns"

Dead Horse Point=Make out Point (my favorite kind)
The guys chillaxin at Delicate Arch
Lookin mighty 

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