Dear Little Mae

My darling Mae:
You turned 18 months on the 7th. WEW! How times flies. I don't want you to get any bigger. Do you hear me? Stay little! 
Everyday is a new adventure with you. You are the silliest girl, and I'm so glad. Because you know that you're mommies favorite thing to do is be silly. I love laying in bed with you in the morning, making silly faces and having tickle fights. You have the best laugh. It is music to my ears! 
Your favorite foods lately are:  tomatoes, salsa, hummus, corn bran cereal (you're new favorite thing to do is drink your milk out of the cereal bowl, giggle, say "again?" and start all over) apple juice, chicken, grapes, yogurt, and anything everyone else is eating. 
Your favorite movies: "In Search of the Wow Wow Wibble Woggle Wazzy Woodle Woo" (this was a favorite of Aubrey's and mine when we were younger. You HAVE to check it out!) and anything Sesame Street. (you are your mothers daughter!)
Favorite music: Soundtrack to the movie I mentioned above, Raffi (She loves everything I loved when I was little. I'm so proud) Sesame street music.
Favorite things to do: Dance and sing, wrestle with mommy and daddy, show off your sign language skills, tease, give hugs to EVERYONE, snuggle in bed with mommy and daddy, read books, play the piano, play outside, run around Target, put mommys bra around your neck, dress up in mommies jewelry, gallop around the room, make animal noises, get tickled and tickle others ("gilly gilly gilly!" instead of "tickle tickle tickle!") color, kick a soccer ball, go to the park, headstands,  and so much more!
You are such a busy girl. You and mom can't sit still for more than two seconds. Lets hope your next sibling is a little more mellow than the both of us, huh? 
Mom: Peatree, Stinker, Silly, Maeveejay, Gizmo
Dad: Bella Mae, Maevie, Bella Manina
Grandma J: Maisy, Maisy Bee
Grandpa P: Mae Veon
Grandma P: Little Angel
Uncle Abe: Munchkin, Little Buddy
Aunt Elise: Maevis

Mae, you are simply beautiful. Ever since you were  baby until this day, people still stop and make comments on  what a doll you are. You have the most beautiful blue eyes, and perfectly shaped face. I love your smile! And your little bob is delightful. I love you, peatree. I can't wait to see the women you'll become! (wait...yes I can...stay little!  ;)

Love, Mommy
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