The best homemade skin products EVER.

Lately my skin has been a mess. Blotchy, dry in some places, oily in others, a zit here and there. So I did some research and based on what I found, made up a recipe for face-wash, body/face scrub, and body/face lotion. Within three days my skin looked totally different. At one point I just kept staring in the mirror because I couldn't believe how good it looked. Glowing, soft, even skin tone. I stopped wearing concealer, foundation, and powder all together.
Wish I had a before shot, but this about a week after using these recipes. No foundation/concealer/powder. Blush? Yes. It's a must.
And that is me drinking deliciousness from my juicer.  Next post, I promise.

Face Wash

-Olive Oil
-Lavender essential oil 
-Frankincense essential oil 

At first I thought washing my face with olive oil would make it greasy and breakout, but it doesn't. It helps your natural oils replenish. 

Place in a bottle and shake well before use. I didn't use measurements, just kind of threw it together. Depending on how strong your essential oils are, you may want to add more or less. I used DoTerra, which are very pure oils, so I used about 5 drops each and that was enough for my small bottle, but you can find them at any natural foods/medicinal stores.
I wash my face with it every single night. After I have rubbed it in for about two minutes, a take a washcloth and wet it with hot water, then lay it across my face for about 15 seconds, then wipe it off. You will love how awesome your skin looks and feels!

Body/Facial Scrub

-Vegetable Glycerin
-Salt or Sugar

Once again, no measurements here. Just pour the glycerin into a container and add the salt or sugar to the mixture until you reach the consistency you like. The salt settles, so I have to mix it with my fingers every time I use it. I use it at LEAST every other morning because I live in Arizona, so my skin gets dry really fast. 

Face/Body Lotion

-Coconut oil (organic if you can swing it)
-Frankincense essential oils
-Lavender essential oils

Just follow the same mixing directions as the face wash. 

You can add any essential oils you want. I just used lavender because my skin is dry (and it smells good) and the frankincense is good for wrinkles and breakouts.

Like I said, my skin looks and feels sooo much better! 
Sorry I don't have any priddy pictures to show off. I literally just bought a couple of travel sized plastic bottles and labeled them with masking tape and a sharpie. Nothing too exciting :)

If you want to order DoTerra oils, contact me and I can help you out. I love them and use them for just about everything.

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