Set Design

My daughters teacher asked me to come help out with making a tree for their doors for anti-drug week. While I was there, the principal and dance teacher came and kidnapped me when they found out I was an artist. They told me that they needed some backdrops for the upper grades play because their original set painter had left to go to nursing school. They told me they needed 3 of them. In a week. Even though it was finals week for me, I of course happily agreed to do it because it sounded fun and I like a new challenge. I've never painted anything bigger than 18X24. These were at least 7 feet tall and 4 feet wide. One of them I had to do from scratch, and the other ones already had a wall painted on, I just had to add stuff. It was a crazy week, but I had a blast doing it.

The bakers shop. This is the one that is completely my creation.

Cinderellas fireplace. This one had the red wallpaper I added the cracks and everything else.

Jack and Jills house. The background was already painted on, so I added the cracks, chair, and Mae did the candle with some help from me. 
I kept it simple since they are poor...and because I was running out of time. 

So there you have it! My first experience with "set design". It was really fun!
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