Featured Artist- David Bird

Just got back from a much needed trip to Disneyland and the beach! Speaking of Disneyland, here with me today is a good friend of mine, David Bird, who is a Disney Guest Artist as well as an artist for Sanders Art Studio.
David and I "met" when I was harassing.. er, emailing Disney Guest Artists to ask for advice a few years back. He was one of the few that emailed me back, and he has been a great friend and mentor ever since. He is always willing to answer my many questions and give me feedback on my work. What a gem! :)

Interview with the artist:

Have you always wanted to be an artist?
Always wanted to be an artist...since my dad was one. Just followed in his footsteps.

What is your artistic process? 
Sketch first...always. Figure out the look, the feel, and the layout for the piece then either the computer, pencil or canvas.

Good design, art, other artists, people, and God has given this insane desire to create (or die, LOL)

Favorite artist?
Way too many to choose from...depends on the day. Roy Lichtenstein and other times a disney artist.

Favorite medium? 
Glass...go figure. Then oil painting, then acrylic.

How did you become a Disney Guest Artist and what has been your favorite part so far?
I got to meet a VP from Disney Marketing at a Disney Fan Convention and I got to show him some of my work...he was so excited and asked for my info. I thought he was just telling me "don't call us, we'll call you." Well, I got a call a couple of months later and they asked if I knew anything about Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton. LOL, OH YEAH!!! They invited me to be a part of the Haunted Mansion Halloween Celebration and I have been a part of it ever since! Dreams happen, just be ready.

Any advice to aspiring artists?
Please, aspiring artists- draw from real life, people, pets, landscapes, whatever! JUST DRAW! Everything else will follow.


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