Gollum - From Beginning to End

Once again, showing you my progress on Gollum, but this time it has a happy ending! I'm DONE! Finally, finally done. While this has been super fun to work on, it's also been a LOT of work, which isn't a bad thing, just a lot of late nights! Ready to move onto the next project!

So here we go, from the first sketch to the final product:

Getting into character :)

I liked his face just fine but the shadowing didn't make sense, so off went his head.

I hadn't used any reference up until now so I decided it was time to get my Gollum/Smeagol figurine out. He's angry....

But then he got over it when I gave him a fish.

Pretty soon he was following me everywhere. Here he is in the bathroom. Well, his head, anyways.

and here my friends, is the final product:

If you feel like it, head over to the official website and rate it! Thanks :)

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