Halloween Decor

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and one day I plan to just deck the heck out of my house, but this year I kept it simple. 
"The Haunted Mansion" poster is up year round, so that was convenient. 
The "BOO" garland was in the Target dollar section.
As for the witch hiding in our fireplace, I stuffed some tights with garbage bags, threw on some booties, and added a broom. Next year I'll get her some REAL witch boots. And she looks a little too skinny, but oh wells.
The Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein illustration is mine. Sorry, didn't take a close up.

I painted this skull a few years back for a possible client. I figured it would make a cool Halloween decoration, so I slapped it on some scrapbook paper and painted a thrift frame green.

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