Hula and Carnival

I already posted the video, so here are the photos from Maes hula performance at the Candeo Carnival. It was so much fun! there were a ton of old school carnival rides. Its been a dream of mine to go on a ferris wheel since I was little. I think I was inspired by "State Fair". I've had plenty of chances, but I wanted to go on an original, a vintage. My dream came true and it was awesome!

What a beauty, right? GEEZ!

Mae LOVED the ferris wheel! (And every other ride)
I was actually scared at some parts and she was just leaning over the bar and waving at daddy while I was panicking about her going over the edge.
 I thought for sure she'd flip out when the cars would rock a little bit, but no, she just thought it made it all the more exciting!

Giving daddy some skin!

Every time this swung back my heart would leap out of my chest because Mae's little bum would fly off the seat a little bit and I thought she might slip out! She was having a blast though!

creep monkey holding a....lobster???!!!
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