weekly goal

last week my goal was to lose 1 lb and cut out sugar. i cut out the sugar and ate really well all week, except yesterday. i had a delicious gourmet cupcake at the mall. mmmmm! anyhoo, i also worked out everyday. as far as losing 1 lb, lets just say this is not the right time of the month to be weighing myself, if you know what i mean. plus...well the scale just stresses me out. i feel better when i'm just taking care of myself and focusing on how i feel, not a number. catch mah drift?

this week my only goal is just to get all the things i need to get done, DONE without curling up in the fetal position. it feels like every second of this week is filled to the brim! so no official goal this week besides survival.

and for now i leave you with this picture (because i think posts without pictures seem naked)
my deddy going down the slide. he's so silly (look at that dude peeking up over the slide like,"hey! i wanna be in thuh pitcher!")
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