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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my old fart of a sister, Aubrey! (aka P Squared)

she is 29 today, a WHOLE 11 months older than me. I always tell everyone that, because I think its pretty cool that we are the same age for 2 weeks, and that my mom got pregnant with me only 4 weeks after she had Aubrey. (gosh mom & dad, can't you two control yourselves?!)

Yobbins, I wish I was there so we could have our annual joint bday partay with one of your fabulous cakes! I love you so much. I'm so grateful I grew up with a sister that was basically the same age and my best friend.
Some favorite memories:

+ when i used to tell everyone we were "half twins"

+ making tinfoil dresses for our barbies

+ you making me laugh so hard I wet my pants. on the stool, on the floor, on the tramp....on a daily basis.

+ playing "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Come To The Rescue" on the tramp. (don't you look back now and think its kind of weird that we had crushes on turtles?)

+ watching movies like "The Hugga Bunch" and "In Search of the Wow Wow Wibble Waggle Wazzie Woodle Woo"

+ standing up in our beds with blankets in hand, and then yelling,"We are.... PIONEEERS!" as we jumped onto our backs pulling the blankets over our heads.

+ "pssst....whats the answer to #4?"
"....pass, the gas! pass, pass the gas!"

+ writing notes to each other when we were supposed to be in bed and then running as fast as we could hell nell down the hall to put it in the others "mailbox" (aka shoebox).

+ pretty princess pose on the tramp during the game "statue"

and oh so many more! I love you sis! i hope this year brings everything you wish and desire and hope and dream and yearn for and pray for and all that cheesy stuff.

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