one down

one down, 28 to go!
#27. Get our family pictures taken

a friend asked me to take pictures of her daughter for her 8th grade graduation, so i thought we'd get there an hour early and snap some quick family pics! i've also been meaning to take mae's 3 year old pictures, so we did some of those too. (four months late...)

Its hard when your the photographer and you have to keep running back and forth to set the timer. We didn't get as many as I had hoped, and the only one where we were ALL smiling and looking at the camera was this one, where the lighting kind of sucked.

but HEY. enough excuses, man. i think we look pretty cute. but maybe i should've waited until tom's black eye was gone. (that is his THIRD!)

proud to be 3!

i couldn't decide which one i liked better. i love the one above becauseit looks straight off a film reel of "the little rascals"

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