night night

What do you do when your 3 year old fights against getting in bed every night? when sometimes it takes up to 3 hours to finally get her to sleep?

you try the supernanny tricks
you try music
you try "scripture scouts"
you try locking the door
you try ignoring her
you try tickling her back
you try sticker charts
you try taking away toys
and just when you're about to spank her bum she says to you,"Dear? DEAR! If you don't come tickle my back RIGHT NOW, I'm going to spank your bottom, dear!" and then proceeds to try to spank your rumpus between the chair slats, which isn't working so well, so she says,"Well, then I'm going to spank your knee!" and slaps your knee with her little hand. during all of this, you are trying to ignore her.

so what do you do? you laugh. and then you laugh some more. and then SHE starts laughing. and then you grab her and hug her and kiss her cute cheeks and know you should be mad but she is just to funny. then you take her into her room, tuck her in bed, tell her you love her and maybe you can go to the park tomorrow. she gives you a smile like,"thanks mom, for having fun with me, even though i was being naughty", hugs you till your brain pops out, and turns over to FINALLY go to sleep.

THAT is what you do.
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