I love fashion. But when it comes down to it, I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. Hot Topic is my favorite place to get t-shirts. My Star Wars T is my favorite thing in my closet!

I loved my childhood. LOVED it. And I love things that remind me of the good ole days. Like Heman, Transformers, Rainbow Brite, Labyrinth, Goonies, Barbie, My Little Pony, etc. etc. 
"Hey you guuuuys!"

We totally had a McGruff sign in our window. My question is, if a kid is in danger, is he honestly going to keep running until he finds a McGruff house?
Running up to door of house "Help! I...oh CRAP. No McGruff sign!" Wheels around and tears over to the next house, frantically searching for the dog that will bring him safety.

I do. I really really do.
this belt buckle? I would absolutely wear it with pride.
Cliche, but I don't care. I grew up listening to these guys. I love them.
I'm hoping when I get pregnant Tom will buy this and it can be my diaper bag. I am SO serious.
I wish I had access to my childhood pictures. Aubs and I dressed up as Smurfs for a ward play. We were so stinkin cute. And the Calico Vision Smurfs game was my FAVE.
Smoky, only you can say that and people will listen.
Cookie monster and I are kindred spirits. If I could eat ONE food for the rest of my life, it would be chocolate chip cookies.
Its true. My friends completely make my world go round. I love you guys!
Sadly for my mother, Jessica Rabbit was my hero when I was little. Mostly because she had a good singing voice.
Here's my costume for next Halloween! (If my eggo isn't prego, that is)

One of the best bands to walk the planet
They really do say that. 
I'm always on the lookout for a classic Mickey tee and here it is!
I giggle. Excessively. 
I also talk. Excessively. I hate silence.
Oh Jareth. What can I say? You're the only guy that can pull off tight pants. The Bowie Bulge is famous.
Would love to name a girl Indiana and call her Indy for short. Think Tom will go for it?
My favorite little mogwai!
My E.T. tee is fading. I'm in need of a new one.
I am DEEPLY disturbed that they got rid of this ride at Universal Studios. 
Johnny Depp rocks my world in every movie. If I were an actor, his roles would be the kind I would love to play.
When this movie  came out back in the day, I thought the bat sign was teeth. Can you see it?
I would seriously sport this belt buckle with pride too.
Hours and hours spent playing with this plastic doll that makes girls everywhere feel like they're not pretty enough.

Some people like to eat it.
Don't you love that they had a yummy smell to them? We had the Pony Palace. I miss those days!
One of my earliest memories is getting one of these for my birthday. I would lay in bed and stare at whatever creation I had made that day. I loved the sound and feel of poking those little lights through the paper.
I discovered this movie while staying in the hospital with my best friend. It began an obsession with sharks that I still have today. One of my life goals is to see a great white in person.
And last but not least, "Who ya gonna call?"

Sadly I couldn't find a good Transformers tee. I saw one at Hot Topic awhile back but it was between that and the Star Wars tee. I think that'll be the next to add to my collection. If I can find one..

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