my crap list

alicia, I'm stealing this from you. 
this is my "crap" list. while doing this I realized it was really hard for me to think of stuff I hated. so these are things i either HATE, or I just am not fond of. 

1. The Beach Boys
this might surprise some of you. My favorite kind of music is from the 1960's and down. I love 50's pop.  But the Beach Boys? It's like, "Oh, here comes the next song! I wonder what they're going to sing about! Oh...the ocean? Wait, I just listened to this. It's about surfing and the beach. Oh, nevermind. This one is different. They added girls in bikinis"
And can any of them sing in anything else but falsetto?

2. The News

I hate watching the news. I know I should know what is going on in our world, but they never focus on the GOOD things. I always walk away feeling sad, angry, and paranoid.

3. Renee Zellweger 
Blech. What is that smile? And is it just me, or does she always sound drunk?

4. Sauerkraut 
*throwing up in mouth...cannot talk...*

5. Popped collars
Really? Are you hoping to catch some crumbs? 

6. Punk Music
Most of the time its the singer that drives me away from this music. They all sing through their noses and just yell. It's so unpleasant!

7. Conceited bloggers
This is the best picture I could find. I love when people share their talents and skills with us on their blogs! But I can't stand it when people put an act like their lives are perfect. Their house is always clean, their children are perfectly behaved, etc. People don't relate to "perfect" people. Common! Complain a little! Let us know how you REALLY feel. 

8. Skanky girls
This includes anyone in or out of the entertainment industry. It makes me so mad when girls flaunt their sexuality and act like that is all there is to us women. They create a bad name for the rest of us.
 Yes, you're gorgeous. But so are a lot of other people. 
I have boobs too. It's not like your doing the world a favor by showing them to us. It's not a new discovery. 

9.Gossip Girl
I really tried to get into this show. But I wasn't interested in rich, snotty kids who come from broken homes because they're parents are so involved in money and themselves. I'm peeved that I lost such precious time.

10. Counting Crows
I would probably like their music if the guy could sing. I cannot STAND his voice. It's like nails on a chalkboard.

Okay, not that I've made a list about things I think are stupid, I'm going to go feel bad about it. 

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