A good story

This morning I headed off to CVS to do some shopping. While I was there, I noticed two shady looking black guys walking around. These are not the kind of guys that would be hanging out at a CVS pharmacy. And they were acting suspicious. I had kind of a bad feeling about them, so I just kept my distance. After I was done buying my schtuff, I started to wheel my cart out and noticed them hovering behind me. So I took my time putting my cart away in the front of the store and getting my bags out. I had a feeling to stay in the store until they were gone. They were still hovering, and one of them even grabbed a CVS ad and started to look at it. Yah, right. Nice try. So they finally left, and I waited until I couldn't see them, went outside to make sure the coast was clear, then I hurried to my car.
My next stop was Walgreens, and as I was pulling up to a stop light, a cop car turns his lights on next me and pulls out into the intersection, making everyone stop. I think,"wow, someone must really be speeding or something".
Walgreens is just about a block or two away from CVS, so when I get inside one of the employees says to me "I wonder why they need all of those cop cars for one car?" I turn around, and across the street is the cop car that was next to me, plus another at a gas station with this little blue car. Then another cop pulls up, then another, and another, and pretty soon all of the employees are huddled around the door watching. There are about seven cop cars in all, PLUS a news camera. a thought crosses my mind. "That would be crazy if it was those same guys at CVS"
So I go over to join the employees and ask if they can see who was in the car. They said two guys were, and the driver was out, but the other guy was still in the car. I look at the driver as he's in handcuffs kicking at the cops. Then they get the other dude out and have him drop his pants to check for guns or whatever. "NO WAY!" I shout. All the employees look at me and say "what?!"
"Those guys were just in CVS with me!" All of a sudden I'm a celebrity, and they're asking me all these questions.
"maybe they robbed CVS!"
"Maybe it was a drug robbery at the pharmacy!"

So...maybe we'll see it on the news tonight. I'm just glad they didn't pull anything scary while I was in the store with them, and I'm glad I followed my gut and didn't walk out of CVS the same time as them. Who's to say they would've done anything to me, or were even planning on it, but you never know.
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