Question #2

Question #2 from Anna:
Battlestar Galactica is on tonight, so if you need help with this question, you have a resource to gather information before you answer.

Okay. Who would you rather goose with a long pointy cactus covered in tabasco, if you could wear a blindfold so you didn't have to look at the outer layer of their anal spincters, and gloves to protect your skin from flying hot sauce and bodily fluids?

1) I'd goose Starbuck, then run my a** off away from her. She's probably a half cylon, half human crazy born again baby.

2) Chief. I'd goose him because he IS a cylon and he wouldn't feel it anyway. Toasters don't have feelings.

3) Admiral Adama. I like to stick it to the man.

4) President Laura Roslin: This won't cure her cancer, but it WILL make me laugh.

Choose wisely. Btw, if I win, I love turtles.

My answer:
Well, my husband tried to get me to watch this with him, and I just couldn't get into it, because there is this girl with short blond hair that I coudn't stand for some reason. She just got on my nerves. So, if she is #1, then her. And if not, then I pick #2, Chief, because I don't want to hurt anyone :)
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