Vroom Vroom!

Well, we're still here in Utah. Our Jeep broke down AGAIN, so we decided this was the last straw. We've spent about $2500 on it in just the last three months, so we figured it was time to buy a car we could rely on. We were very blessed. I put the Jeep up on KSL and within an HOUR, I had about nine people calling about it. The first guy that called ended up buying it. The first place we went we found the perfect car, but we went this morning and looked at another lot just to see what else was out there. We made our decision today and here it is! I never thought I'd be a "wagon" kind of girl, but I really think this car is cute. It has plenty of space in the back and its in great condition. We got a wonderful deal on it. It'll be so nice to have a car that doesn't cost an arm and a leg in repairs every other month and gas. Yay!
A big fat thanks to Curtis for using his day off to help us out.

Our new Volkswagen Passat

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