7 Random Things

Taking a break from work to do this:
Thanks, Heather :)

I'm a random person so this shouldn't be too hard

Seven Random Things About Me

1. I hate when just one part of my body is wet. For example, I hate washing my hands (I do it anyways, I promise) because they are wet and the rest of me is not.

2. I've always wanted to eat laundry detergent. The dry, crunchy kind. It smells so good and it just looks yummy.

3. I can only eat french fries in even numbers

4. I have to put my right shoe on first. I've tried putting my left one on first, but I about had a panic attack.

5. My dream job is to be a whale trainer at Sea World

6. I have a very small, personal bubble, and anyone who invades it i get EXTREMELY annoyed with.

7. I have ADHD

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