5.5 Pounds GONE in 3 days

I'm doing a cleanse, ya'll. I'm on 7 of the 9 days. I'm down 5.5 pounds and several inches.

Over a year ago I gained 10 pounds when I went through my divorce. I've never really struggled with my weight, and although 120 lbs isn't overweight, it looks like a lot on my small frame. I grew up doing competitive gymnastics and the love of working out stuck with me through the years after I quit. I've never really had a hard time getting back in shape but for whatever reason, I've only lost 3 of the pounds I gained almost a year ago, despite regular workouts and eating healthy. I've toned up but couldn't get rid of this layer of fat that seemed to want to snuggle my muscles. I finally figured it must be toxins and hormonal imbalance due to my IUD (took it out about a month ago), and after watching a friend go through the same exact struggle and finally lose the weight and keep it off after doing this cleanse I decided to try it. 

I have two more days of deep cleansing. See you then! 

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