I've recently upgraded to a HCRV lifestyle, and I have to say I feel amazing, emotionally, mentally, and physically. About two years ago I cut out meat, than slowly started cutting out dairy and eggs. I also started proper food combining about 4 years ago. All have been extremely beneficial to my health. I believe health should be a lifestyle, not just something we choose when we want to lose weight or become sick. How about a life where you rarely get sick and you maintain your perfect body weight, while feeling great mentally and emotionally.

As I have taken these steps over the years, becoming more aware of what I put in my body, how our actions impact the environment, and that animals are NOT here for our selfish consumption, I have learned quite a bit about what our bodies truly need and continue to learn and implement these lessons.

The HCRV lifestyle made total sense to me when I came across it about 6 months ago, but it seemed like a such a big commitment and change, so I just let the idea simmer. I stuck a pin in it. I did more research. I really listened to my intuition. In the past I have gotten really excited about certain "diets" and jumped head first, only to get overwhelmed and give up shortly after. I have always been passionate about health and I'll be the first one to try a new supplement, superfood, oils, whatever. So that means I've tried a LOT of things. Truth be told, High Carb Raw Vegan is so easy! I thought I would be hungry all of the time, but I'm not. I eat about 3,000 calories a day, mostly from fruit. 90% of my diet is carbs (mostly fruit carbs) 5% fats and 5% protein. 

Right now I am living  Raw til 4, meaning everything I eat before 4 PM is tons of fruit. At least 800-1000 calories per meal. Then for dinner I have cooked food and lots of leafy greens. I love coming up with recipes of my own. I drink about 2-3 liters of water per day.

Here are some of the meals I've been posting on my instagram (@thecheekywhale and @ohsnapbodywraps):

My own recipe: brown rice spaghetti wraps. Soooo good!!!!

My own recipe: Vegan chicken tacos

"Datorade" Shake. Tastes like a chocolate shake! (From Freelee the Banana Girl)


Baked potatoes with marinara 

Tangerines and pears

Pineapple ( I ate two whole pineapple by myself. The citrus ripped my mouth apart. Will not do that again!)

Jamba Juice only fruit smoothies

I will go into more detail as to why this lifestyle is so amazing and why I think EVERYONE should try it, but I need to go to BED. 

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