We recently moved back to Utah from Arizona, and it's so cold here! I have a hard time getting out of.my snugly bed every morning. Lately I have been drinking the most fabulous concoction. Instead of my usual coffee aka Delicious Heartburn Elixir, I boil water then add It Works Greens and Herbalifes Herbal Tea Concentrate. The a little splash of dairy free creamer and TA-DA! A delicious and healthy drink for the cold mornings. In just one cup I am getting a metabolism boost, energy, fiber, protein, 8 servings of organic fruits and veggies, 38 super herbs, weight loss assistance, and much more. And it's super tasty! 
You can get the herbal tea from my friend Heather at http://www.goherbalife.com/health4u and the Greens from me at www.ohsnapbodywraps.com.

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