11 Months

Do you ever look at your kids and go,"Growing up?! Who do you think you are? Knock that off!" I know it is totally cliche too say, but it DOES go by fast. All this getting bigger is killing me. But at the same time, it's so amazingly awesome too. Because my kids just keep getting cooler every day. Even though they are only 5 and ALMOST 1, I still get sad and think about the fact that one day they will leave me and won't need me as much as they do now. BOO. But such is the reality of life. It just makes me remember to enjoy each and every moment. (Hard to do sometimes when the 5 year old is pulling major attitude, but I still try, even then.)

You are almost 1. I honestly feel like I just gave birth to you. You are the sweetest most loving little boy EVER. You love to snuggle and put your face up to other faces and just stare into everyones eyes. I feel like you are an old soul, like you know more than everyone else. I can see it in your little smile. Okay, big smile. You have a huge grin and everyone notices it. You are STILL the happiest baby on the block. Keep that up, my boy!

You are just a nut. You know how to make us laugh, and you know you're doing it. Mae was the same way. You both came out of the womb trying to make everyone laugh.  Both of you had a sense of humor at such an early age!

You've been saying Dada forEVER, and lately Mama has been making it's way into your vocabulary, and it's music to my ears. You've been able to say it for awhile, but I swear you're teasing me. You stinker.

You've been standing up for awhile now, but have yet to take steps. You stand up, look really pleased with yourself as we all applaud, but then you plop back down on your rumpus and go about your business. I know you can do it, you just don't feel like it yet.

We love you!

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