Reality Check

Do you ever read blogs where the author has pictures of their house? And their house looks like it came straight out of a magazine, like no one actually lives there (or they all stay corralled in the garage)?
I read those blogs and admire the pictures and I'm like,"Fine...be that way. Be awesome and perfect and totally lame. And by lame I mean rad...." And then I go have a pity party because I suck at life.

Now wait a second. I'm totally guilty of this. Cleaning my house top to bottom, setting up the tripod and getting the angles just right, photoshopping cute little quotes in the corners of the photos: "Awesome vintage dresser that I stripped and repainted! All by myself!" etc.

Well, here is a reality check. Here is what my house looks like most of the time. I try to keep it clean. I really, really do. I'm beginning to think it is impossible to have a perfectly clean house anymore. Those dreams have been dashed and thrown out my nasty, fingerprinted window.

at least the hallway is clean.....

Growing up, my bedroom was perfect. My friends would sit on my bed and I'd be just waiting for them to get up so I could smooth out my comforter. I spent a lot of my spare time organizing my drawers and closet. I rearranged my furniture several times a year. So much fun! (Seriously....I had so much fun!)

I read a quote the other day that said something like,"Excuse the mess; kids are making memories here." That was exactly what I needed to hear to bring me back to reality. My house isn't a magazine. I have two amazing little me's running around and making messes. It is something that my inner clean freak struggles with on a daily basis, but I'm learning that I better just sit down and play with my kids and enjoy these moments with them before I turn around and they are gone, and I'm mopping the floor for the gazillionth time.

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