Only Four Days

I started the Herbalife 21 Day Cleanse on Friday, March 30th and I've already lost ONE INCH around my middle! I'm pretty excited about it. Can't wait to see the results at the end of the 21 days!


How much does it cost?
It costs about $1.60 a day, which is less than your usual Starbucks, vending machine snacks, sodas, etc. and far healthier.

Do I have to starve myself or only drink liquids?
NO. You can eat as usual, but you will get faster results if you're eating a healthy diet. I use the Herbalife Quickstart program on a daily basis along with the cleanse, which I HIGHLY recommend.

Will I gain the weight back? 
Absolutely, if you don't implement a lifestyle change of a healthy diet. I use the Quickstart program every single day, and it takes the guesswork out of it and makes it so easy to maintain a healthy weight.
Losing weight and keeping it off is not magic. It is putting great nutrition into your body and doing it every day. It's not hard to do with Herbalife, and feeling and looking your best is always worth it.

If you'd like to order these products, email me at thecheekywhale@gmail.com and I will get you set up on the program, and I offer FREE coaching. You can also register at www.goherbalife.com/mjohnson/, which will give you access to the webstore.

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