Although I've been very successful with Herbalife products to lose the remainder of my baby weight, the last 5 lbs are really sticking no matter what I do. When this happens, it usually means a detoxing cleanse is in order.

I can tell I've got some nasty stuff hanging out in my system because I am constantly bloated.

The average American holds 3-5 lbs of excess waste in their intestines, rotting and releasing harmful toxins. 

A cleanse is a powerful way to get rid of all of this crap (literally) and drop some unwanted pounds and bloating. Not only will you look better, but most importantly you will feel better. Energy will soar, sleeping will improve, skin will glow, digestion will flow, and so many other benefits come from detoxing.

There are a lot of ways to do it wrong, so make sure you cleanse safely. About five years ago I did the cayenne pepper/lemon/hot water and it messed me up for a good 6 months.

Tomorrow I will begin the Herbalife Cleansing 21 Day Program along with adding essential oils into my beverages for added benefits.

More about the 21 Day Herbal Cleaning Program:
Digestive issues can affect weight, energy, immunity and skin. Jump start healthy digestion with our enhanced 21-Day Herbal Cleansing program – which contains healthy antioxidants and herbs traditionally used to promote digestive balance:
  • AM Replenishing Formula – A morning tablet with Milk Thistle, which helps promote the body’s natural elimination of toxins.
  • PM Cleansing Formula – An evening tablet that contains Dandelion, traditionally used to support healthy elimination.

So here I am leaving you with some extremely attractive (psh!) "before" pictures of my stomach. I'll be back in 21 days to report! 


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