Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions?

Certainly not I! 

I did get lash extensions a couple of weeks before I had Sawyer because I wanted to look somewhat purdy while in the hospital and not have to worry about makeup.

(awwww....look at that yittle guy!)

Although I loved the convenience of  having eyelash extensions, especially with a newborn, I definitely did not want to spend the money on them every 4 weeks. ( I got a great deal through Groupon the first time.)

I've been asked several times if I have eyelash extensions, and I don't. I just have some really awesome mascara, and it's affordable. 

I will say, that I was blessed with naturally long eyelashes, but I've been amazed by how much thicker and longer my eyelashes look with these 3 items:

1. Maybelline the Falsies Flared in Very Black-Waterproof
2. Maybelline XXL Pro Volume in Very Black-Waterproof
3. Sally Hansen Sexy Curls Eyelash Curler


1. Curl top eyelashes at the base of the lashes, holding for about 10 seconds each eye

2. Apply XXL Pro Primer to top lashes. Make sure to be very generous.

3. Apply Falsies Flared to top lashes. Wait about 15 seconds after first coat, and then apply another coat if you want. One coat is usually enough, but I like two.

4. Apply XXL Pro mascara to bottom lashes holding the brush vertically and swiping side to side. 

I use the waterproof versions of this mascara because my eyes water a lot and I end up smearing my make up. I usually hate waterproof mascara because its most often sticky and plastic-like. I have been really impressed with the texture and staying power of Maybellines waterproof mascaras. Make sure to keep eye makeup remover on hand! You'll need it. 

And that my friends, is my secret to getting amazing lashes!

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