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Chillaxin on the world wide web with me today is author Alicia K. Leppert, who just published her very first novel, "Emerald City" and also happens to be my cousin. (I. AM. SO. COOL.)

She kindly obliged my request for an interview and I'm very honored to be a part of her busy schedule and book tour. Besides, how could she pass up a chance to be featured on the coolest blog on the block? She ain't no fool!

I was lucky enough to read the book and I was glued to it from the start! It is so beautifully written. I thought the plot was extremely creative and I wasn't bored for a second. I can't WAIT for the next one!

Olivia's sad, solitary life in Seattle comes dangerously close to ending one fateful night, if not for a neighbor saving her in the nick of time. Curious about her mysterious rescuer, she seeks him out in hope of getting some answers, but instead finds something she never thought she'd have again.

Alicia is hilarious, passionate, beautiful and has the raddest laugh I've ever heard. I am so proud of her.
My cousin, everybody:

Where did you get the inspiration for the story of "Emerald City"?
From my brain. Seriously, I just thought it up one night.

Are the characters based on anyone you know?

Not really. I based Olivia loosely on myself, and the characters Marilyn and Bryan were based on actual people with those same names (long story), but other than that, no. Just people I created in my mind.
How did writing a book fit into your already busy life as a hot wife, supermom, and totally radical cake decorator?
Well, right now it's kind of crazy, but for the most part, when I was writing it, I made it work. I wasn't decorating totally radical cakes yet, and I just wrote whenever the opportunity arose, when my kids were asleep. So it didn't add too much extra craziness to my life. Until a year ago, when it got down to deadline time, and pretty much ever since then, with the rewrites, edits, and now marketing. Now that's a different story!

Did you develop any habits or rituals to get you into the mood to write?
Not really. I've always been a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants sort of person. When I happen to feel in the mood, or particularly inspired, I'll write. When I don't, I don't write, unless I have to. That's hard to do. If I was needing to feel inspired and wasn't feeling it so much, I'd listen to my favorite music or watch my favorite TV shows or movies to get the dramatic juices flowing. Reading helps a lot too.

How did you handle writers block or just plain burn-out?
Not well. Not well at all! There were months where I HAD to be writing and I just didn't want to at all, because of the pressure. The minute it became something I had to do it felt more like a chore and my brain would just shut down. I had to walk away from it and not force it and allow myself to decide when I wanted to do it again. And when that happened, I would write, and it became something I loved again. Of course, I don't always have the option to just take months at a time off, and I was blessed at deadline time that I was always able to push past the burn-out and writer's block and just keep going, because I had no other choice!

What was your favorite part about writing?

Oh man, I just love writing so much. My favorite thing about it is the power to create. That I can have it be whatever I want it to be, have the characters do and say whatever I want them to do and say. That when I see something that inspires me, or think of stories or situations that give me goosebumps, I can write them down and actually make them happen.

What was your least favorite?
Rewrites. Painful.

Do you plan on writing more books? Any sequel to "Emerald City" in the works?
I plan on writing at least a hundred more books! I have so many ideas for different books to write. But yes, a sequel to Emerald City will come before any others. I'm just beginning to write it.

What is your favorite music to listen to while writing?
I actually can't listen to music while I write, it distracts me. But my favorite music to listen to to get inspired to write is OneRepublic, especially from their album Dreaming Out Loud.

Paper and pen or computer?
Sigh. If it weren't for time constraints, I'd write everything with pen and paper. I miss writing by hand.

Any advice for those wishing to follow their dreams?
Do it. Do it now. Take the first step to making it happen.

What is your favorite book?
I'm gonna have to go with the Harry Potter series.

Who is your favorite author?
J.K. Rowling

Dream vacation?
A Caribbean cruise...with no one else on it but me and my hubby. 

Type the first word that comes to your mind when you hear:
Stinky: Melissa
Jello: Bill Cosby
Actress: me-wannabe
Platypus: Perry from Phineas and Ferb
Speedo: banana hammock
Gum: addiction (mine)
Housework: what's that?
Favorite cousin: Noelle. :)

I know she switched her answers for "Stinky" and "Favorite Cousin" on accident. (It's okay Alicia, I forgive you. Your brain is just fried from all of those rewrites.)

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Check out Alicia at her official website and on facebook.


Alicia Leppert said...

You make me laugh so much! I loved this post! So glad you let me be on the raddest blog on the block! You rock!

Heather said...

Very cool :) I've always wanted to write a book but feel like I just steal my ideas from novels I've already read. This sounds like an awesome original idea. Hope it becomes available on ebook!! Is amazon the only place selling it right now?

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