Tightening Loose Skin

There are so many potions and pills out there that claim to tighten and smooth your skin. And they all sound so enticing, especially after you've had kids, lost a large amount of weight, or experiencing losing elasticity that comes from aging. Either way, it's no fun.
After having two kids, I can say that the skin on my stomach took a nosedive towards the floor. Booo!

So, I wanted to share my successful skin tightening concoction with you.
The skin on my stomach is tighter now than it was after I had my first child! Awesome.

For beautiful, tight skin follow this plan:

After showering, massage Herbalife Contouring Cream into problem areas using upward strokes. 
Do the same with Doterra Slim &Sassy oil, diluted with either olive oil or fractioned coconut oil. It doesn't matter which you apply first. You can even just mix it all together.



For even faster results, repeat again at bedtime.

If you want super speedy results:
+Add Herbalife Cell-U-Loss to your daily supplements
+Add 4 drops of Slim & Sassy to your water and sip throughout the day (try my metabolism boosting herbal tea recipe here)
+Eat a healthy diet. I highly recommend the combination method.
+Get at least 30 minutes of exercise 3-5 times per week

Find these products at here and here.

Stay tuned for a delicious and healthy Cookies n Cream milkshake recipe!
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