Metabolism Boosting Herbal Tea

The following recipe is a magical concoction of fat burning, energy boosting, antioxidant filled, germ busting, herbal tea. I drink it at least twice a day!


8 oz water, cold or hot
1/2 tsp Herbalife Herbal Tea Concentrate, any flavor
1 packet Stevia or 1/2 Tbsp Honey, whichever you prefer (Sometimes I do both. We're gettin cuhrazay up in here!)
2 drops DoTerra Slim &Sassy oil
1 drop DoTerra Lemon oil
1 drop DoTerra OnGaurd oil


and sometimes I add DoTerra DigestZen if I'm feeling a little....bloated :)

Mix well and enjoy!

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And as always you can email me with questions!

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