Let's go thrifting!

I am a thrifter. 
I can spend hours in antique and thrift shops, hunting for treasures amidst all of the junk.  Just about everything in our house is second hand, sometimes with a bit of a makeover, sometimes not.
 I love having items with character, charm, and a history.
 Rust? Be still my heart! 
Chipped paint? Oh my stars! 
What a dork I am.
A few years back I opened up an Etsy shop to sell these awesome vintage finds. It was hard to let go of my finds, but it was so much fun to share them too. 
So I am starting it up again. It is called "The Happy Toaster". 
(10 points if you can guess what inspired the title)

Here are some of the first items to join my shop. I hope they find loving homes!
 Just click on the title of the item to buy.

Coming soon:
A super fun mail holder
Vintage picture frames
and more!
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