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I posted awhile back about how I came SOOO close to my dreams of being an artist for Disney. 
I was really discouraged and I had a good cry.
But after that, I had a great talk with my friend (can I call him my mentor?) David Bird, who is a very talented guest artist for Disney.
He has been nothing but encouraging and advised me to take this experience and use it to gain motivation and kick some arse. To get going! To better my skills! To work hard! And especially, not to give up on my dream.

I know that I have a lot to learn. I have a lot of practice, a lot of hard work ahead of me. I am totally up to it. The thought excites me. I am willing to work as hard as I need to to be able to create in any capacity for Disney. 

 Minnie Mouse and I have a heart to heart - Circa 1986

I'm over the moon to be at Disneyland!

Every dream begins with baby steps in the right direction:

I draw everyday
My goal is to draw for at least an hour, even if its just doodling. The point is to get any kind of practice in. Every little bit builds skills. Twice a week I take off to Barnes and Noble and sketch for two hours while Tom is at home with the kids. I drink some tea and just go at it. I love every second of it. 
I also take Mae to McDonalds to play on the playset while I get some drawing in. I try to fit it in however I can.

I'm learning the style of Disney.
I am going through my "Disney Villians" book and drawing every single thing on every single page to gain a better understanding of Disneys style and become better at it. 
Illustrating is what I do, and I can get away with anything I want because I'm creating it from my imagination. If I want to create for Disney, I need to be skilled in drawing their characters as they are, as well as have my own interpretations. It's very important to me to be able to hold on to my individual style as well.

my recent sketches

I'm networking
I am building a network of people that have been successful at Disney. Thanks to my friend David, he has put me in touch with some really great people who are willing to give me their opinion and advice.
I also email every artist I can find and ask for their advice. Some write back, some don't. But I'm asking, and that is what counts.

I'm going to school
I went to college for 3 years, dabbling in music, sign language, nutrition, zoology, photography, and of course, art. After a loooong time, I finally decided my passion was illustration. Going to school is a big deal, a lot of money, and a lot of time. I wanted to make absolutely SURE that what I majored in was my biggest passion. 
With my husband job I have an opportunity to get my associates for free from University of Phoenix. They don't have any art programs, but they do have Web Design, so that is what I'm going to do, then get my Bachelors in Fine Art after that. I think having a well rounded background in digital and traditional creativity will benefit me. 

I'm on my way. I'm not going to worry about "how"it's going to happen, but that it WILL happen if I do my part. Take steps everyday. Do it because I love it. 

And I plan on doing it without sacrificing time with my family. 

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