Hallows Eve

A little late, I know.....

Toms place of work had a huge Halloween party for employees and their families with games, trick or treating, and a couple of Haunted Houses!

Wicket the Ewok
(thanks to my talented mom for making this costume!)

Dorothy Gail
(My mom made this costume as well, but about 25 years ago. It was mine when I was Maes age!)                                                     

 Cindel and Wicket from The Ewok Adventure

and then it was off to my sisters church Trunk or Treat, where Mae was posing "cool". I wonder what kind of teenager she's going to be....

It has seriously been a dream of mine to dress up as Cindel and dress my baby as Wicket. If you haven't seen the movies, DO IT! Good stuff, for sure, my friends.
No one knew who I was. One lady saw me and started singing Olivia Newton Johns "Lets Get Physical."  My sister pointed out to me later that the hair and headband made sense, but why would Olivia Newton John be wearing snow boots and a puffer vest while working out? Silly lady!

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