Halloween Weekend

Tom was out of town at a Rugby tournament so we spent the weekend with friends and family.

We headed to the Mesa Temple early in the morning with the Seguritans to help with the grounds.

 Silly Israel! Lemee take your picture!

 This dude kept getting in the way of my sexy model

we headed to a Punkin Patch with the Williams

 M for Melissa and Mae!

We took our punkins home and got to carving. I made a Hello Kitty template for Mae, and think it turned out pretty good!

Aubreys costume was awesome! She went as the lady from Hitchcocks "The Birds". She asked me to draw some crows so she could attach them to her costume. I freehanded them and then cut them out on black paper.


 Caitlyn (Girl Scout Daisy)

 Aubreys (cupcake with crossbones!)

 Mine! I freehanded it. Its supposed to be a 3D moon with clouds. hee hee

 Curtis' (warhammer???)

trunk or treat

Aubrey: lady from "The Birds"  Curtis: Charlie Brown  Caitlyn: Rapunzel from "Rapunzels Revenge"

While we were getting ready I pulled a muscle in my back and was basically incapacitated the rest of the night and the next day. Boo! But it was a great weekend! We missed you, Tom!
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