just woke up from a wonderful sunday nap. (aren't those the bomb?)
church was good. i love our ward. good good people, thats for sure.

the weekend was a blast.
friday night we had the Seguritan kids over for a sleepover while Donavan and Katie went out to celebrate her birthday.
i suggested a sleepover instead of just the evening....
i have to admit, i was really excited when katie said yes. her kids are so awesome.

so Tom took them swimming while I talked to my lil sis on skype
and then we ate pizza
and cookies

watched Tom and Jerry

(with lots of laughs. best sound ever)
played the Wii

the next morning when Katie and Donavan came to pick them up, we started playing Super Mario Bros (the original. the REAL deal) and we ended up playing for about 2 hours until we passed it. there was a lot of yelling and laughing and tears, okay not tears, but there was passion.

it was so much fun! lets do it again, guys. next time we'll make a movie!

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