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I've been thinking a lot about goals and aspirations lately.

as a full time mom and wife and a part time worker, i have limited time. and i've always had a lot of dreams. i never even finished college because i couldn't decide between all of my passions:
marine biology? zoology? sign language? music? art? fitness and nutrition?
and then it got into: but what should i DO with marine biology? should i train whales at sea world? study the ocean? study sharks? and what about art? should i focus on photography? illustration? animation?

i am really grateful that I have so many interests and i love learning. but i'm like a kid in a candy store. it all sounds so fun! so fulfilling! so amazing!

after a couple of years in college i finally realized that my true passion is art. that is something i can do everyday. i don't have to have a job in art to actually use my skills. as for marine biology? not something i can do everyday. unless i have a pool full of dolphins in my backyard, but sadly, that just won't ever happen.
and singing. i can sing everyday. i can sing in church. i can record myself singing and put it on here to share that passion, even though it scares me to death.

so how do i reach these goals? i think we all tend to have a dream, but we are too hard on ourselves. we think its too much work, we don't have money, time, space, whatever the excuse may be, we just don't give ourselves enough credit. i have a brother that is so incredibly talented when it comes to film. he has such a passion for it! he's had his movies in  film festivals. he's won first place in contests. he is awesome. my older sister is an incredible cake maker. (is that the right word?). she only took like...6 classes? and she is so creative. she should have her own bakery. and my little sister is so talented when it comes to computer graphics and sewing. i am surrounded by talented people, and its so easy to see those talents and say,"what the heck! why aren't you starting a business? you could be fabulous!"
but i know that they have the same problem as me. its the "why me?" attitude. "why do i deserve to be successful?"

does anyone else ever feel this way? it's like we're afraid to put ourselves out there for people to size us up, put us down, whatever. in the end, who cares? we have to remember that we do the things we love for US. yes, we should use our talents to bless others lives, and it DOES feel good when people praise our accomplishments! but at the end of the day, it just makes us feel good to know we are working on something that makes us happy, or even GIDDY, if you will.

that's why i started the "weekly goal" postings. i know they are just small goals, but they are GOALS nonetheless. and I can't always do it perfectly. but at least i am working towards something. i am getting better, learning new things, feeling good about myself.

so, please tell me, dear friends, what your goals are. how do you keep track of them? do you write them down? make a poster? do a sticker chart (hey, it works for my 3 year old). how do you reward yourself for accomplishing something? do you do it monthly, weekly?

please share!
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