lately i have been feeling queasy on a daily basis. reason unknown for now, so don't make any assumptions!
everyone who knows me well knows my biggest fear is throwing up. i start having a panic attack at the smallest sign of upset stomach. 
(my fear actually has a name: Emetophobia. I just bought a program that is supposed to help those with emetophobia conquer there fears. i hope it works!)
luckily, it hasn't been that bad, but i have taken to listening to my ipod as i fall asleep to take my mind off feeling crappy and to hopefully relax me. it works. i have to say i have a great selection of relaxing music. I have always been amazed by the effect music has on me.
So as a giveaway, i am going to send one person a relaxation package, including a copy of my playlist. leave a comment telling me something YOU do to relax and take your mind off of stress and a winner will be randomly chosen next monday. 
good luck!
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