oh goodness

I'm grateful for my job, grateful I get a free gym membership, and most of all, grateful that I get to take Mae with me.
But what I am NOT grateful for, is the behavior Mae picks up from other kids.
Lately she has been saying she "hates" everything.
She has also been calling other kids "stupid-head".
And today, a bunch of little girls were giggling about a boy and telling him he was handsome.
So today Mae said to me,"I'm going to kiss boys!"
And I said,"Not until you are much bigger! You're too little to kiss boys!"
"But I'm bigger like you!"
"No, you are little!"
"Am I getting smaller?"
"No, you're getting bigger, but you're not quite big enough to kiss boys"
"Oh. When I get big I'm going to kiss boys! *giggle*"

Please oh please! It can't be starting already!
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