Dear Tom,


I didn't take a whole lot of pictures

mae asked me to do her hair like Kailan
(is it just me or does she look, like, 12 here?)

today while mae was at preschool, i attempted to donate blood again. unfortuantely, even though i drank tons of water, my blood still ran really slow and clotted up, like last time. i guess i'm just not meant to save lives. i DID watch the lady across from me go into shock, though. they had to palpitate her heart with their hands and her eyes were bulging and she was dripping with sweat and well...wet herself. it was scary. her husband was kind of just chillin through the whole thing, it was really weird. i was like,"DUDE! Your wife is...like...dying!"

i picked up mae and we went to the library. i read a Marilyn Monroe biography while Mae played with the choo choo trains. 

then it was off to work. mae wanted to bring the dvd that was playing at the time to work, so i took it out of the player and asked mae where the case was. she looked at me with a confused look on her face and asked,"case-of-dilla?", like quesadilla. I laughed my butt off.

then we went to work where there were lots of kids and boogers and crying and fighting over toys. 

it has been raining like CRAZY here, streets flooding, etc. bring out the canoes, i say!

i worked out and then we went to sweet tomatoes for a grand feast. they had our favorite, my darling! COBBLER! I even took a picture of it with my phone but i''m toooooo tired to figure out how to load it onto my puter. besides, if you saw it you might get really jealous and never speak to me again.

well, i am off to bed. the last four nights at about 8:30 exhaustion, dizziness, and a slight stomachache hits me out of nowhere. its strange. anyways, NIGHTY NIGHT!
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