the things kids say

Some gems of conversation Mae and I have exchanged recently:

Talking to a little boy at work about dinosaurs I said,"Did you know that dinosaurs aren't alive anymore? They are EXTINCT."
Mae turns to confirm this information in a know-it-all manner,"Yah. They are STINKY." (almost, mae, almost!)

Talking about what dinosaurs eat, I say,"Well, they eat plants and some dinosaurs even ate smaller dinosaurs!"
Mae, once again turns to this little boy like she is the Queen of All Knowledge says,"Yah. And they eat SPICES."

As I'm bending over and picking something up, Mae comes over and smacks my bum. "Your bottom is getting really big, mommy!"
"Oh, it is?"
"Ya! Its not little like mine! (does a booty shake) It's BIG!"

and later, "Your getting really really tall, momma! Like a BIG, SCARY MONSTER!"

And the gem of all gems was actually mine:

Mae was pretending to be a horse, so I went to call her a horse and a pony at the same time and ended up calling her both. "Horny."

That's all folks! We'll be here all week!
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