I have been out of commission the last couple of days, hence the lack of "I ate this" posts. I was in a lot of pain Wednesday night, and when I realized I wasn't feeling any better yesterdat morning I thought, "This feels a lot like when I had that ovarian cyst rupture in November." I called my doc and they told me to go to the ER. I was there for five hours, and sure nuf, I had a cyst the size of a walnut rupture. Luckily they said it had already started healing and the bleeding would stop on its own, so they wouldn't have to go in and remove it.
I am wondering, is this going to become a regular occurrence? Because it hurts. BUT, on the upside, it was quite delightful to just lay in a bed while nurses wheeled me around and put hot blankets on me. I had a nice little break. I even finished my book, "These Is My Words" which was awesome!

So back to the whole eating thing. I weighed myself Wednesday morning and I had already lost a pound and an entire inch off my waist in just four days. So now that I am feeling better, I'm going to get back on the ball today.

Here's what we've been up to:

*glamorous photo shoot with mommy and mae*

*zoo with friends*
Tom also started school again so we're trying to get back into that whole routine. I can't wait until we have two cars! And I can't believe we'll be done in three months. It's exciting not knowing what we'll be doing or where we'll be living next. Adventure awaits!
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