come along

I invite you to come along on a journey with me. a journey with me, and my friend jorge.

this is jorge. jorge cruise, everyone.
jorge was there for me when i needed to lose that baby weight. he was there for me when i needed a cookbook that had easy, healthy, (not to mention tasty) recipes.
and now he's back with his new book (which you can get at your local costco for $11)

if you've ever seen the "eat this, not that" books, this is how jorge sets up his new book with "belly bad, belly good". It is based off the 15/6 system. 15 grams of sugar and 6 servings of carbs per day. well, I did it today and it was pretty easy to do. I can't do "diets" when they force you to cut out foods. i just don't think thats healthy OR something that can be maintained.
so, here i go. i will test this out, show you what i eat everyday and we'll see if this works!
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