Just call me "Dandruff"

I've realized something in the last year or two. I'm kind of a flake. Maybe that's not the right word I think I just expect so much out of myself and never get things I really want or need to get done. Instead of just concentrating on one thing at a time, I'm thinking of the million things I want to do/need to do/or THINK I need to do. Because of this, it took me almost two years to finish some portraits for a friend. It has been almost six months since my last giveaway, and I haven't even finished the painting for that. (it's almost done, Erin. I know, I keep saying that)
I don't like that I don't always keep my promises. I honestly intend to when I say "I'll finish it this week!" And then I let everything else get in the way. Cleaning, running errands, taking care of Mae, cooking, etc etc. I need to learn to just let my apartment be messy and unorganized and sit down and paint.
Does anyone else have this problem? Do you struggle to balance everything? Do you give yourself way too many tasks to accomplish and just end up feeling so overwhelmed?
Any pointers? Cause really...I don't want to be a flake.

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