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I've read some really good books lately, and I'd like to share them with YOU. Yes, you.

The first I found in the young adult section at the library. It's right by the choo choo trains where Mae loves to play, so I usually grab a book and read while she's ruling the tracks. I liked the first chapter so much I decided to take it home.
It's about a girl that lives in an asylum, which is what they called orphanages back in the day. She is adopted by three elderly ladies, all sisters. She is hidden and no one is supposed to see her, due to the family business. Now their business is an intriguing part of the book, very interesting. I really liked this book, as it was like nothing I'd ever read. It's a quick and easy read. (No, I'm not going to tell you what their business is, you'll just have to read it yourself).
The second book, I also found while Mae was playing with the trains. I love books about animals, human anatomy, science, etc. But I love the youth versions because they're at my level of learning and understanding, and they always make them fun to read. So I picked this up thinking, "Cool! I wanna see what's in my noggin!" and I have to admit, the cover of the book was one of the main factors of me picking it up. (Am I crazy if I won't pay one bit of attention to a book if the cover sucks? Even if someone tells me a book is good and the cover isn't artistically pleasing, I have a hard time reading it.)
Anyways, to my surprise, this book is not filled with facts at all. It's by an old scientist woman and her husband (well, supposedly) who just make stuff up. It's HILARIOUS. I was laughing out loud and reading parts of it to Tom. I could give you a for instance, but you just have to pick it up yourself. It's filled with really cool vintage art and just silly "facts" that an old, senile couple would come up with. Do yourself a favor and grab one. Your kids will love it, and so will you! I can't wait to check out the rest of the series.
Last but not least, is the biography of my favorite comedian of all times: Chris Farley. I saw this at Costco and sent it to my bro for "Uncles day" aka, Fathers Day. I was really tempted to read it first, but I thought it would be super lame to read someone's present before they got to. My brother stayed up late reading it and texted me at about 2 in the morning telling me how amazing it was. I couldn't wait for him to send it to me so I picked it up at the library, and its one I'll probably add to our library one day.
I'm going to try and keep this short, because I could say a lot about this book.
For starters anyone that knows me, even a little bit, knows that I love laughing, and I love making other people laugh. I do like being the center of attention, but it's not a "look at me!" kind of attention I like. Its that having someone laugh at something you say or do never gets old. There is no feeling like it. Its addicting, and I love that I'm making someone happy, even just for a second. I'm drawn to people who are funny, and comedies are my favorite genre of movies. I LOVE TO LAUGH. (that song should be my theme song)
Anyways, since I discovered Chris Farley back in the day, I have just loved him. Everything he does makes me laugh. His mannerisms, his voice, his hair. He's just FUNNY, even when he's not trying to be. And I totally had a crush on him. Seriously. He's a good looking guy, and well, he's HYSTERICAL. The following two clips are just so cute. He's so nervous!


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