Lake Powell

Such a great trip! I was sick the first three days with a horrible case of strep, so my loving IL's took me to the instacare to get a shot in my hip. It hurt like the dickens, but I felt better by the next morning.
After five trips to Lake Powell, this time I really felt comfortable there. Zero panic attacks about a shark coming up to eat me. I actually looked forward to getting into the water. I can't wait until next time. I want to become a master wakeboarder!
Tom wasn't able to join us until the end of the trip because of finals, so I got some one on one time with my IL's. It was really good for me and I'm so grateful that I have IL"s that really are my family. They love and accept me for my obnoxious self, and they are a blast to be with!
Thanks mom and pops! It was fabulous!

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